Dongfeng Taide Group(DTG) is the owner of LiftStone.

We boast to be "a real problem solver" for our clients,

Dedicated to Quality and Affordability in components manufacturing and supply.

Consists of four agile business units:

1, Wheels Unit for wheel manufacturing.

2, Parts Unit for high pressure die-casting and plastic parts, cured-on rims production.

3, Molds Unit for die-casting and injection molds design and Manufacturing.

4, Trading Unit for supply chain management and automobile parts trading.

DTG brings over 30 years of dedicated expertise to the automotive and industrial components sectors, providing a wide range of high-quality components and services with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise:

Specialized Wheel and Rim Production: Our LiftStone brand is renowned for producing durable and precise wheels for both off-highway and on-highway vehicles, heavy-duty machineries, and now, introducing polyurethane(PU) and rubber cured-on rims for forklifts, robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other automation applications. Our wheels and rims meet the unique requirements of high precision, ultra-heavy-duty performance, unique machining, and specialized surface treatments etc.

Die-casting and Plastic-injection Molds and Parts Production: We extend our molds design and manufacturing capabilities to a broad spectrum of parts, including critical engine components like air intake manifolds and various parts across different industries. Our commitment to innovation and quality underpins all our manufacturing processes.

Custom Production and Assembly: Tailoring our production and assembly services to meet specific client needs, we emphasize flexibility, quality, and efficiency.

Trading and Supply Chain solutions: Our trading services, supported by a robust supply chain from raw material procurement to global delivery, complement our in-house production by offering components we don’t manufacture ourselves. This ensures comprehensive solutions at competitive prices.

Affordability Through Efficiency:

Our ability to offer more affordable pricing than others is a direct result of our strong supply chain and extensive industry experience. We optimize costs without compromising quality, making high-quality components accessible to a wider market. Our operational efficiencies and long-standing industry presence allow us to offer significant cost savings to our clients.

Our Approach:

Experienced and Resourceful: With the collective resources and expertise of our group, we focus on continuous improvement in molds R&D and production, leveraging the latest technologies.

Welcoming Orders of Small Scales: Our operational flexibility allows us to efficiently manage both large and small orders, demonstrating our commitment to serving diverse clients. Our unique position to offer lower prices stems from our operational efficiencies and deep industry experience.


Explore the value Dongfeng Taide Group can bring to you. As your partner in components manufacturing and supply, we are dedicated to achieving quality and affordability, helping you navigate the complexities of today's markets with confidence.